Company History & Profile

Incorporated In Anno 1689
Originally Founded Johann Henrich Hoehle
CEO Martina Hoehle
German Manufacturer
Manufacturing, Testing & Office Space
Cologne Germany



HOEHLE-medical has been a supplier of Medical equipment
for over 400 years. Our company is comprised of experienced
professionals that are committed to helping you
find the right equipment and supplies for your area such as
medical equipment, surgery equipment, trolleys, furniture,
refrigeration or pathology.





Our mission is to provide each customer with a quality product
MADE IN GERMANY that meets their expectations. HOEHLE-
medical is known world-wide and is committed to the
design and manufacturing of innovative research equipment
that meet the needs of the technician while providing
a safe, comfortable, ergonomic and efficient work environment


HOEHLE-medical GmbH
Bergheimer Strasse 19
53909 Zülpich



Please phone or mail


+49 (02235) 688285

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