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The HOEHLE-medical Packingtable ME2000 series. In
the packing department, precisely verifying the condition
and functionality of the equipment is essential
since this is a fundamental prerequisite for a successful
operation. Workstations that have the best possible
equipment to permit efficient visual and functional inspections
of technologically complex medical products
are required. HOEHLE-medical packing tables meet all
functional requirements. Ergonomic: With height-adjustable
tables, the correct working height while sitting or
standing can be set at the touch of a button. The height
adjustment fully meets workplace safety requirements.
Variable: Tabletops are available in various materials.
Flexible: The rack attachment can be equipped with
various StU components.
Modern: We offer sensible options to accommodate
your monitor, keyboard, and PC.
Bright: The packing table lighting provides optimal illumination.
Safe: Meets the requirements of the machinery guidelines.
User friendly: Additional storage room is provided, e.g.
by base cabinets mounted below the tabletop.
Folding doors and drawers, to your requirements.
3 shelf / 1 drawer / 6 Basket


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