Autopsy Table

PE 1010



The PROTEUS MAX Autopsy table
is mounted to a central support column and is made
entirely from stainless Through a three-piece, removable,
perforated rest area, all unsanitary odours are
safely vacuumed away. The work surface is equipped
with a high surrounding border, as well as a channel
to the waste sieve (detachable). A seamlessly welded
basin with a surrounding profile border is affixed to
the end of the table. A bath with drainage channel
is located under the perforated work surface. An
integrated sprinkler system guarantees that the table
is continuously sanitized. All power connections, including
the air duct, are built into the base. The table
is to be connected to the side-mounted ventilation
system, which has a minimum capacity of 1000m³/h.
The Autopsy table PROTEUS MAX includes the following
• Central support column with 2 access doors
• Basin W/D/H 40 x 40 x 30 cm
• mixing tap for cold and warm water
• 3 m shower hose with hand sprinkler
• 2 splash proof electrical outlets
• 2 buttons for height adjustment
• Regulator valve for integrated sprinkler system
• 3-piece work top with large waste basin/sieve insert
• Circumferential per for ation for safe removal of all
• Height adjustable from 800 to 1100 mm
Capacity:450 kg


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