Backdraf Station

PE 3010

The back-draft grossing table is equipped with air
down draft system. This specialized work table guarantees
a laboratory environment free of pollutants while
slicing and preparing histological slide preparations
and is even well suited for small dissections. Airflow travels
over the entire working area and is vacuumed out
underneath, which provides optimal removal of unsanitary
vapours. MAC (maximum allowable concentration)
values for formalin are below target throughout
the entire Vacuum-effected area. The cutting table
is to be connected to a side-mounted exhaust system-
provided by the customer.
The PE 3010 model includes the following features:
• Single working place
• Workstations with a large surface area
• Entire construction is made of stainless steel
• Height adjustable from 750 to 1000 mm
• Stable, self-supporting undercarriage with adjusta-ble legs
• Low overall height of the upper structuer increasesleg room
•Work surface includes a seamlessly welded basin
measuring 400 x 400 x 300 mm
• Basin includes integrated air vacuum
• Basin can be mounted to the right or left side
• Very sturdy, perforated and insert able working plates
• Integrated sprinkler system with adjustable valve for
bath sanitation located underneath the perforated
working plates
• Formalin sink with sieve insert
• Mixing tap with detachable cold and hot water shower
• Exhaust duct left or right side


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