PE 6020

The Automatic drive unit allows for a concealed removal/
transport of a deceased patient from the hospital
room to the morgue for lon distance. Stainless steel
CNS 18/10 W.1.4301, surface 240 grain polished. The
substructure consists of rugged, torsion-resistant stainless
steel. The carrier gives the illusion of being a standard
empty gurney while hiding the cadaver beneath
a specially fabricated top cover. The unit features (option)
stainless steel construction and adjustable elevation
via hydraulic mechanism.
• Frame fabricated from 40mm square, 304 stainless
steel tubing.
• Top tray is permanently attached and fabricated
from 1,25 mm stainless steel.
• Sturdy, lightweight aluminum top frame to conceal
cadaver and is easily removable


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