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PE 6050



HOEHLE-medical Dual lab working table designed for cutting and
preparing histological slide preparations. Guarantees a safe
work in harmful environment.

Table base of stainless steel W.1.4301 / W.1.4571

Table tank, table top and cover of table base of stainless
steel. Stable, self-supporting undercarriage, smooth height
adjustable by integrated electric motor operators, electronic
controlled by push button, placed directly under table
top on the cover. Steering enables the programming
of 3 positions of table-top. 3-piece, removable, perforated
working surface of stainless steel. Possible to connect to the
building’s ventilation system. Air downdraft system over the
whole working surface. Table tank with slope, one outflow
and integrated sprinkler system. On the table top basin with
mixing tap for cold and hot water, also an extendable hand
shower. All surfaces cleaner and disinfectants resistant.


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