Hydraulik Body Lift Fork

PE 6010



The PE 6010is a compact, battery powered lift designed
to help alleviate physical strain caused by manual
lifting and transporting. Stainless steel CNS 18/10
W.1.4301, surface 240 grain polished.
Lightweight, easy to operate and highly maneuverable
allowing easy movement in confined spaces and
narrow aisles. This compact model can roll through any
standard 197 cm door. Do not let the compact size be
deceiving, the PE 6010 can lift all size bodies to most
five tier storage racks. The maximum lifting capacity is
The PE 6010 has a built-in charger offering hundreds of
lifts on a single charge. The easy to read illuminated
battery status voltmeter lets you know when it is time
to recharge.
Another standard feature are the low-profile legs. This
unique feature allows the technician to navigate this
lift under virtually any stretcher or transport cart currently
on the market.


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