HOEHLE-medical Refrigeration is produced in
satin stainless steel AISI 304 standard finishing
and includes several technical details that
point out its high quality and particular care.
The main elements that characterize HOEHLE-
medical product, beyond the accurate
choice of the raw material, are the resistance
to the medical devices, commonly used in
the healthcare field, and the lack of sharp
corners as guarantee of a fast and easy cleaning
also in case of over dirt.

HOEHLE-medical have listened to the feedback from hundreds of their customer who have our refrigerated
cabinets installed already, many of which have been working continually for many fault free years.
With all this experience HOEHLE-medical have produced a Hospital Mortuary cabinet which is both
compact in design and offers remarkable value.
HOEHLE-medical cabinets are manufactured to the highest standard which gives them a proven long
service life. Every cabinet is built to order and is manufactured to each customer exacting specification
with a choice of finishes, trays and roller combinations. The Refrigeration is available in the standard version
with 3,6,9,12 and 15 bodies ( AUTOMATIK LOAD to 3000 bodies).


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