We believe in making integration easy; we offer
tools that are about the patient first and
are simple to use. We want tools that help deliver
the highest level of patient care. We are
continually investing in solutions that can help
address the needs of the clinical staff. HOEHLE-
medical understand that OR space is valuable,
and together, we are committed to an
open and upgradeable architecture.



HOEHLE-medical create surgical stainless steel products using a stainless steel blend that contains higher
amounts of chromium, nickel, and molybdenum. These substances provide specific characteristics such
as hardness, durability, and a polished finish that resists scratching.
Two types of stainless steel are employed when making medical tools. Martensitic steel provides hardness
to maintain firm edges and strength for long-lasting stability. Austenitic steel is softer and non-magnetic,
so it works best in items that Sinks OR-Table procedures.


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