SE 1110

Surgical Scrub Sink Sensor Operated



One Station Scrub Sink, wall mounted, made of CNS
18/10 W.1.4301 stainless steel, seamlessly. Touch Free
Faucet full automatic water, soap and disinfect Using
the HOEHLE-medical sink is a completely touch free experience.
It’s as simple as moving your hand over the
indicated section of the glass display to activate the
product you want. The coloured LED light signals will
show which product has been activated. To receive
the product you have activated, simply place. The
HOEHLE-medical system has an inbuilt safety feature
against bacteria. It will automatically run a cleaning
cycle, flushing water and both liquid dispensers to
prevent harmful water-borne bacteria growth usually
found in stagnant water. These cleaning cycles can be
programmed to the desired frequency with the handy
HOEHLE-medical remote control


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