Hour products are suited for many different
applications, such as central sterile supply departments,
small clinics and practices, dental
clinics, laboratories, endoscopy reprocessing
units etc.



HOEHLE-medical Health Stainless Steel range of Stainless Steel instrument trolleys, Stainless Steel Dressing
trolleys, Stainless Steel Linen Skips, Stainless Steel Procedure trolleys, Stainless Steel IV pole and medical
cart, medical crash trolley, hospital linen carts, hospital medication carts are designed and manufactured
to provide our markets and customers with the highest grade Stainless Steel equipment available.
We provide a wide range of trolleys including but not limited to emergency and crash trolleys. For your
anaesthetic needs in a clinic or a hospital choose from our supreme varieties of anaesthetic trolleys. We
offer the most durable medical isolation trolleys to our customers.


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